• Commercial & Residential Installations and Repairs
  • Factory-trained
  • Heaters from 50,000 BTU – 5,000,000 BTU
  • Fully stocked service truck
  • Same day heater replacement
  • Full in-house warranty & service
  • All brands sold and serviced

Heater Myths & Facts:

Myth ~ For spas, you need a small heater.
Fact ~ For spas, a larger size heater is better because you want your spa to heat at a faster rate, the smaller size heaters will take 45-60 minutes to heat the water.

Myth ~ Big heaters cost more to operate.
Fact ~ It actually costs the same amount of money to heat 1 gallon of water 1 degree. The difference is a small heater takes 3-4 times as long as a big heater. The initial investment divided over the 15 year life of your heater amounts to about $25/year.
Fact ~ New heaters operate at 84%-96% efficiency, saving large dollars over old, inefficient heaters.

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